The Avengers #49

    The Avengers » The Avengers #49 - Mine Is the Power released by Marvel on February 1968.

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    Hercules discovers the real reason behind Olympus' desertion, but can the Lion of Olympus defeat this new evil? Meanwhile, Magneto persuades Quicksilver to rejoin his cause for Mutant domination, but has Quicksilver gone too far this time?

    Mine is the Power!

    Hercules is still looking for clues as to why Olympus is deserted and destroyed when he is attacked by Typhon the Titan who is the cause behind Olympus’ destruction. Typhon was exiled millennia ago by Zeus and has now returned to exact his revenge. Back at Avengers HQ, Hawkeye wonders whether The Avengers are a force anymore without Captain America and Hank and Janet have a fight over food! Meanwhile Magneto brings Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch to his island fortress – a vast sprawling mechanical complex he set in motion through his powers of magnetism before his disappearance. Magneto tries to convince the mutant siblings to join his cause through lies and charm and goes so far as to attempt “peace” talks at a U.N. conference. During these talks The Avengers attack the evil Mutants but whose side are Pietro and Wanda on? Meantime Hercules fights alone against The Titan who defeated all of Olympus.


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    A pretty good tale 0

    Roy Thomas continues two major subplots from the previous issues: the disappearance of the Olympian Gods and the revival of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. John Buscema gets to draw some rather interesting scenes and the first depiction of Typhon in the Marvel Universe. A pretty good tale but with some flaws in characterization.  So what happens: - In Olympus, Hercules' efforts to locate anyone still around result in a meeting with Typhon. Who quickly proclaims they are the last two Olympians s...

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