The Avengers #43

    The Avengers » The Avengers #43 - Color Him -- The Red Guardian released by Marvel on August 1967.

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    Hawkeye and Hercules get information about Black Widow's whereabouts and set out to rescue her, but to their surprise they are ambushed by the Red Guardian, Colonel Ying's secret weapon. Plus, Quicksilver discovers a shocking new ability!

    Color Him… The Red Guardian

    Captain America and Hawkeye return to Avengers Mansion to be greeted by a flying Quicksilver. The ecstatic mutant explains he has learned to fly by vibrating his legs at super speed and starts showing off his new abilities much to the annoyance of Hercules. Not wanting the Olympian to hurt his teammate, Cap calls an Avengers meeting. Hercules responds by stating he takes orders from no mortal and Captain America tells him he wasn’t addressing Hercules as he isn’t an Avenger. This infuriates the Lion of Olympus who decides to teach Cap a lesson. Hawkeye prepares to help his buddy however it’s unnecessary as Captain America uses his skills to easily evade Hercules’ attacks. This impresses the Son of Zeus and he declares Captain America a friend. Shortly Ebeneezer Wallaby, Attorney at Law, enters and tells Janet Van Dyne that now that she’s turned 23 she has gained her father’s full inheritance. Janet is delighted and turns into The Wasp which shocks Wallaby so much he leaves. Meanwhile the other Avengers realize Hawkeye has also left and guess he’s gone to follow a lead on the Black Widow.

    Later outside a seedy bar in New York’s underbelly, Clint Barton leaves his bow and arrow outside and enters in disguise to meet a contact with information about Natasha. However Bruiser Bates decides Barton is a cop and lashes out knocking off his coat and revealing his Hawkeye costume. The other thugs in the bar recognize the Avenger and decide to get in on the action. A bar brawl follows and the marksman holds his own until he’s knocked through a window. Hawkeye gathers his weapons and resumes the fight, this time easily defeating his multiple opponents and getting the information out of Bates. Back at Avengers HQ Hawkeye finds Hercules who longs for action and invites him along on his mission to find Natasha. The pair head for Asia in an Avengers jet. Meanwhile in Asia, the Oriental Colonel Ling unveils their new defender, The Red Guardian, to Soviet General Brushov. As Ling explains although Red Guardian is of Soviet origin, he is representing the People’s Republic, the costumed villain gives a display of his powers. Brushov then decides Red Guardian’s powers surpass Captain America’s and he must destroy the star spangled Avenger.

    Minutes later, Hawkeye and Hercules arrive at the Reds base having tracked Black Widow’s homing beacon. Hawkeye battles a group of Red Soldiers while Hercules breaks through a wall to find Natasha. The Prince of Power is met by The Red Guardian who eludes the Olympian’s attacks and escapes through a secret door. Hercules follows and is trapped inside the Psychotron as Red Guardian locks him in. Suddenly the many headed Hydra of Greek mythology appears and Hercules is shocked, having killed the beast in the past. Realizing he is fighting an apparition does the Olympian no good as his blows are ineffective against the images within the Psychotron. Outside Red Guardian approaches an unconscious Hawkeye who was playing possum and ambushes his foe. However Red Guardian manages to trick the archer into losing his temper and easily defeats him in battle. Minutes later Hawkeye wakes up trapped inside a glass tube next to The Black Widow who recognizes The Red Guardian as her husband! Finally back at Avengers HQ, Cap tracks down Hawkeye’s location and the Avengers assemble for a rescue mission.



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