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Bond... Hercules Bond

This issue starts with a scene of The Avengers at a news stand reading stories about how The Black Widow turned out to be a double agent and has returned behind the Bamboo Curtain. They struggle to believe the headlines to the point where The Wasp tells The Scarlet Witch to read the whole story out loud to the rest of them while they stand on the streets!

Next we're in The Mad Thinker's lab where he decides he wants to steal Tony Stark's inventions and needs to kill The Avengers. He reveals he's added "the human element" into his super computers and now he surely can't fail! This is followed by the usual plot of splitting up The Avengers, luring them into traps and capturing them. This is all shown quite well and in the end (somewhat surprisingly) the bad guys win.

While all this is happening, we're treated to some comic relief as Hercules receives a package at Avengers HQ which turns out to be a Jame Bond-esque suit The Wasp had ordered for him. The delivery boy was hoping for an Avengers autograph but instead he met "a reject from a Hercules" film. Herc puts on the suit and goes about enjoing a night on the town... and even sings a song for the ladies. This is again shown quite well as you have to forgive the cheesiness due to it being the 60's.

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In the end Mad Thinker and his crew bring The Avengers back to Avengers mansion and Hercules rescues them after a decent fight. The issue is no way a classic Avengers issue and I'd rate it slightly higher than average mainly as the the fight scenes - of which there were plenty - where well done. My favourite bit in the issue has to be seeing The Lion of Olympus in a suit.

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