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Newspapers report the Black Widow has turned traitor by breaking into a US military base and stealing blue prints for a top secret submarine. The Avengers can’t believe the reports, especially Hawkeye who is devastated by the news. The scene switches to SHIELD HQ where Nick Fury and Dum Dum Dugan reveal The Black Widow's true intentions. Hawkeye decides to track down Natasha by finding her whereabouts through his old underworld contacts.

The scene switches to The Mad Thinker’s Lair as he puts in motion his plot to destroy The Avengers and steal Tony Stark’s inventions from Avengers Mansion. This leads to Hawkeye being lured to a warehouse where inevitably it turns out to be a trap and he is captured by Hammerhead.

Goliath and The Wasp are next to be attacked as they arrive at a construction site in response to an SOS from Hawkeye. They are trapped and eventually defeated by Pile-Driver. Finally, Thunderboot and The Mad Thinker teleport into Avengers Mansion and defeat the remaining two Avengers, Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch.

Hammerhead and Pile-Driver join their partners in crime at Avengers HQ and the defeated Avengers are tied up to Tony Stark’s Electro Rod. Just when defeat looks on the cards for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Hercules arrives to save the day. A battle breaks out and The Avengers are freed. The superheroes eventually defeat and capture The Triumvirate of Terror but The Mad Thinker himself manages to escape.


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Bond... Hercules Bond 0

This issue starts with a scene of The Avengers at a news stand reading stories about how The Black Widow turned out to be a double agent and has returned behind the Bamboo Curtain. They struggle to believe the headlines to the point where The Wasp tells The Scarlet Witch to read the whole story out loud to the rest of them while they stand on the streets!Next we're in The Mad Thinker's lab where he decides he wants to steal Tony Stark's inventions and needs to kill The Avengers. He reveals he's ...

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