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Black Knight discovers that Proctor is his parallel Earth counterpart. After realizing that her madness may be incurable, Sersi banishes herself to a pocket dimension. Plus, Ute the Watcher gets involved in the Avengers’ fray with the Gatherers!

Proctor appears in Manhattan, and the Avengers flies into their final confrontation with Proctor and his Gatherers. He has Sersi and Ute the Watcher as prisoners within a vortex of energy, allowing him to alter this Earth with artifacts from other parallel worlds. The Black Knight clashes with Proctor, who has just recently been discovered to be Black Knight's counterpart from another reality. But not only is he Dane Whitman and not only was he Sersi's Gann Josin, he also remains in possession of the Ebony Blade.

Crystal saves her two loves, Black Knight and Quicksilver, from Proctor. Sersi frees herself from Proctor's prison and uses the Ebony Blade to finish him off in cold blood. The damage done to her mind is not her fault, but it is irreversible. Ute the Watcher repairs the damage to Earth Proctor has done and in a final act, gives Sersi an alternate to death. For her own good and the good of Earth, she can leave this dimension. Unwillingly to let her go into exile alone, the Black Knight opts to go with her.

In a back-up short story, Hank Pym tests a psychoanalysis device on himself and must confront delusions in the form of talking ants making accusations of his character.

Also, the issue features pin-ups of Captain America by Tom Palmer and Deathcry by Steve Epting.

Some copies also included a pull-out poster.


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