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The Avengers track down the Gatherers and their leader Proctor, but why he is blaming Sersei for the destruction of parralel Earths? And what causes the Black Knight to turn on his teammates?

Using the Anti-Vision, the Avengers take the fight straight to the Gatherers' citadel to rescue their Vision and finally come face-to-face with Proctor. Ute, the fallen Watcher of another timeline, is revealed to be the root of Proctor's Gatherers, and Proctor tells the Avengers that Sersi is the cause of so many Earths' destructions. The Black Knight begins suffering from madness himself, due to being Gann Josin with Sersi. Proctor's citadel self-destructs as Uatu the Watcher arrives to warn the Avengers of even further hardships.

Back at Avengers Mansion, Hank Pym and Bill Foster stabilize the Swordsman's condition after the Anti-Vision's attack. Two detectives investigating the murder of a man last seen with Sersi arrive to ask some questions of her and are later seen turned to stone at the bottom of the river.

Intelligence that Earth is in danger from Kree terrorists reaches Empress Lilandra, and she dispatches Deathcry, a young agent once loyal to Deathbird, to Earth to aid in its defense.


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Truth about Proctor 0

This issue blowed my mind away, from the cover to the last page!! In his simplicity Harras unveils the truth behind Proctor´s plans, what motivates him and how he thought of forming this group (the Gatherers) to destroy the Avengers - and in his head it´s all justifieid. I say simplicity because Harras has an abilitie of writing about these complex and dense themes - like alternate realities - with much property and tranquility. So much cool stuff happens in this issue that I have to control mys...

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