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Against the Shi´ars

Operation:Galactic Storm has hit the fan, meaning that Earth is endangered since the Shi´ars are using wormholes ports to reach their enemy (The Krees) faster - it´s a shortcut that provokes flares from the sun that could result in destroying all life in Earth. This arc story was probably one of the first crossovers I´ve read as a boy, so reading it again was very amusing and fun. The way Harras uses the character´s animosity (or bad blood) in order to make the dialogues sarcastic and fun is awesome and I´m talking about Thor and Sersi: Erik (Thunderstrike) doesn´t have a clue to how use his powers properly and Sersi doesn´t give the guy a break. The mission involving the cover (it´s a good team Vision, Quasar, Sersi and Thor) to rescue  Peter Corbeau´s shipe (Starcacore) and it´s crew while intercepting a whole armada of the Shi´ar gives just a little hint of how big and awesome this event is: it´s action followed by action. Despite all these good things I pointed out, the best thing is this issue is the assembling in the Avengers´mansion, involving all the members of both teams and those in reserve, to decide which heroes will be going to the Kree empire and which ones to the Shi´ar, in order to convince them to stop this war. The hilarious moments are all acountable for Clint Barton, this is an unique and remarkable character, portraited with perfection by Harras. I´m wrapping up giving all the compliments to Master Epting, who really delivered amazing and spectacular art (he´s cut off to do cosmic stuff). Highly recommended, even if you didn´t follow the last four chapters of the whole event, but it´s good to buy them too.
5 out 5

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