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I´m not sure what´s the message Harras is trying to transmit with this issue, if it´s about how easy just two people (Swordsman and Magdalene) nearly defeated almost the whole team of the Avengers (Hercules, Thor, Crystal, Vision and Dark Knight), meaning that they´re unprepared and unfit to work as a team or it´s just that this new threat (and the mystery man called Proctor) represents something major in the Avengers´ lives. But that´s something that probably will have to be put on hold, since there´s a big crossover coming named Operation: Galactic Storm, hinted as Interludes in this issue. I´m happy about this issue mostly because of the art and the fighting scenes, althought I guess Hercules and Thor were defeated very quickly, and Thor (despite his lame escuse) waited too long to return to battle. There are nice dialogues too, specially in the end when Steve Rogers tried to analyse the team´s action in field.  The highlights are the fight between the two swordsmen and Herc getting whooped by a girl.
4 out 5

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