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Captain America and Wasp team-up! After a death at a small arms manufacturer, Cap and Wasp investigate the scene of the crime. What secrets have been swept under the rug? And what villainous tyrant is really to blame for the tragedy?

The Avengers have made an appearance at the opening of the worlds first Super Hero Medical research and Treatment Facility. Suddenly a woman runs across traffic towards Captain America and she is struck by a car. Lying injured on the ground Captain America rushes to her side when she says" You have to help them....He's crazy.... Please help the children".

Later on Captain America is training at three A.M. thinking about what the woman said when Jarvis and the Wasp enter the room. They tell Cap that they have done some research on the woman. They have found that she has had quintuplets with Itzhak Berditchev a reclusive weapons manufacturer .

Their search also shows FAA records of Mr. Berditchev's flight to Austria where a week earlier their was a stockpile of Plutonium stolen.The wasp beleives that Mr. Berditchev is planning to create a Nuclear Bomb.

So the Avengers make a plan to infiltrate Mr. Berditchev's compound. To get inside the compound to see if the children are safe Jarvis is to play a part as Sir Armond Carlyle, England's wealthiest gun runner. While Captain America and the Wasp enter from the perimeter.

It turns out that Mr. Berditchev has his own children armed as gaurds in his compound and training them to be soldiers. Once the child soldiers are disarmed and secured Cap meets Mr. Berditchev where he tells Cap about how he was rescued from a Nazi Camp by Captain America during World War Two. Mr. Berditchev thinks he is doing good by his children, raising them to be super soldiers like his savior Captain America. Mr Berditchev snaps when all his guards are taken down by the Avengers and pulls a gun on Cap. Captain America slings his shield and disarms Mr. Berditchev. Later the police arrive taking Mr. Berditchev away while he asks for his Momma in a state of mania.



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dmstarz's favourite marvel comic cover no224 0

It's hard to explain exactly why you really like some covers. They just work. The odd and maybe accidental colour coordination between the Wasp and Cap, the somewhat garish bright blue, the cuteness of the image contrasting Wasp's height with Cap - all these add to the fun. I don't think anyone would seriously contend this as a great image but it's different, even daring in its campness, and so, for me, it stands out. Ron Lim and Paul Adams were responsible for this issue, so I'm guessing they p...

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