The Avengers #336

    The Avengers » The Avengers #336 - For Here We Make Our Stand released by Marvel on August 1991.

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    Thane takes Sersi hostage, but quickly discovers romantic interest in his prisoner. The other team members continue to search through the Collector’s ecosystems. Will this be the final battle between the Avengers and Thane Ector?

    The Collection Obsession Part 3 of 6.

    The Brethren continue their assault on Earth, this time in New York. The World Trade Center becomes the site of the Citadel of Thane Ecor. As Thane's forces attack the city, a badly injured Captain America is forced to sit on the sidelines while the rest of the Avengers go into battle. Even the mightiest of Avengers, Iron Man and Hercules, are no match for the Brethren Soldiers and they look to have lost the battle. Aboard Thane's Citadel tension is brewing between Thane Ector and his betrothed, Sybyl Dorn. She knows that his attention has been taken by Sersi. The creature known as Fool tells her not to worry that Thane Ector is a great leader, and he is devoted to the Brethren which he leads. Thane Ector does go to Sersi and reveals to her that they were both created by the Celestials and that they could be rivals or lovers. Upon exiting Sersi's chambers Fool shows himself to be much more than his namesake threatening to kill Thane Ector if he does not come to his senses. Inside the Collector's ship the other Avengers led by Black Panther continue to search the eco-system where the Collector had the Brethren stored, but they find another tribe instead. This tribe shows them where the Brethren came from, and they continue to investigate. Back on Earth Captain America and Black Widow are about to jump to their defeat against the Brethren forces when Crystal has Lockjaw send them to the heart of the Earth's crust, and asks to join the Avengers.


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