The Avengers #334

    The Avengers » The Avengers #334 - First Encounter released by Marvel on July 1991.

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    Karnak and Quicksilver discovered in deep space! What is the mysterious vessel that has held them hostage for so long? And why is the Collector a prisoner in his own ship?

    On the Blue area of the Moon a spacecraft has crashed.

    Quicksilver, Karnak, Timberius and Alphan head towards the crash site to investigate the wreck. A focefield around the wreck appears suddenly trapping the four inside. A man, woman and vorous other creatures emerge from the wreck.

    Meanwhile at the Avengers Headquarters a training session is underway when Crystal and Lockjaw teleport into the training room.Crystal tells the Avengers of the situation and they quicky head for the moon.

    Upon landing they are greeted by Black Bolt, Medusa and Gorgon. Black Bolt and Gorgon summon their great power to take down the force field to no avail.The force field is dropped by request of the Blue man in charge. The Avengers do battle with the creatures. The Blue man learns of Earth and escapes to see the planet that first defeated Galactus.It is reavealed by the Watcher that the two powerful blue beings are Thane Ector and Sybyl Dorn. They were imprisoned by the Collector five thousand years ago. Now the two are headed for Earth.


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