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Puck 66: Avengers #324

Puck and the others do what they can to escape Shaman’s pouch alive.

A major battle takes place between the heavy hitters from the Avengers, the People’s Protectorate and Alpha Flight against the Combine. Judd is among those who stay behind and look after the civilians and injured Atlanteans. A plan is formed to have the remaining terrorists convince Combine to do the right thing and absorb the radiation so everyone can return to reality safely. It works, and Judd returns safely with all but the terrorists, who end up joining the Combine.


Notes of Interest:

1) It seems Judd doesn’t have any problem following Cap’s orders.


2) Judd knows that the battle with the Combine is beyond his power level and is fine with it. He also reminds us that he’s reached a state of invulnerability, which he uses to protect Fantasma.


WTF? Moment: Why the heck wasn’t Judd part of the first Secret Wars? His easy-going style and overall coolness would have made that great story better. Plus, I would have LOVED to have seen more with him and Cap since they get along quite well here.


WTF? Moment #2: His little speech at the end felt out of place. I agree with what Nicieza’s saying, and of all the characters he could have used Judd was the best choice, but the whole ‘owing our children a world where they can create their own ideals’ thing seemed silly.

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