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Faithful Servant

This has been one of the best comics I've ever read, and I mean that genuinely. I feel like Jarvis isn't appreciated enough as a character, you don't generally get a lot of depth with Jarvis, he's usually just there. This issue is all about Jarvis struggle, contemplating whether he should continue down his chosen career as butler to the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, or retire.

As he considers retiring he is fighting off flashbacks of Hyde beating him into the state that he is currently in, and fends off the images with different memories of his time with the Avengers.

He remembers a variety of events, some minor others major:

*The founding team

*The relationship of Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym, considering how much the two have changed since they began the Avengers

*The addition of Captain America, and his relationship with the man behind the flag

*The Kooky Quartet, and how they have matured:

*Hawkeye leading the West Coast Avengers

*Scarlet Witch being a mother

*Quicksilver being a traitor to the Avengers

*How Ultron once manipulated him into taking down the Avengers

*Vision's introduction to the team and the bond they shared over literature

*The Vision and Scarlet Witch's blooming relationship

*The Avengers who had rather brief tenures on the team, i.e. Hercules, Moondragon, etc.

All of these thoughts and more lead Edwin Jarvis to finally make the decision to continue his employ with the Avengers, deciding to be the only Avenger that has had a spot on the team throughout it's history

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