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With half of their team trapped in Limbo, what can the other half of the Avengers to do stop Kang from seizing control of the centuries?


Captain America, Captain Marvel and Namor are looking for the others in the Mansion with Jarvis. In Limbo, Wasp, Hercules and Black Knight finds a frightened Space Phantom but before they could talk to him, Kang destroys him.

In Avengers Mansion a riot is outside claiming that Namor is a terrorist and doesn't belong to the team, while others defend him.

Back to Limbo, the Avengers find Kang's fortress and inside they find a dead Kang. Then another Kang arrives and fights them together with his Growing Man. In the Mansion, Namor, Cap. Marvel and America manage to transfer themselves to the Limbo using one of Leader's Time Machine.

Hercules punches the Growing Man so hard that he stop growing and flies towards Captain America's group. Then they have a direction to go.

Kang attacks them all but suddenly they all get caught into a paralyzing ray by the other Kang - the one with the cloak and the master plan!


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