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The Avengers arch-foe, Kang, returns after nine years! Wasp, Hercules and the Black Knight are zapped into limbo!


In another dimension The Avengers (with the roster Storm, Hercules, Wasp, Captain America and Colossus) received a package from Iron Man. The package explodes killing them all, and Iron Man reviews himself as Kang the Conqueror. Then this Kang is summoned to Limbo, where another Kang kills him. This Kang has a plan together with two others to destroy every Kang in all alternate Universes, to be the only three living Kangs. Then they would replace the dead Kangs with a controlled robot and rule the entire Cosmos. One of them, using a cloak, had rescued Ravonna and lives with her, and uses her to kill the other Kang, leaving only two of them alive.

Meanwhile, in the Avengers Mansion, Wasp had received a love letter from Paladin, Hercules and Black Knight are working in the underground building a tunnel between the Mansion and their new Island for planes. Suddenly a time vortex grab the three Avengers and take them to the Limbo, where they find Hulk and knock him out, he transforms into Giant-Man and then Iron Man wearing his first Avenger armor.

In another place Monica Rambeau tells Captain America her real name but not to Namor.

Back to Limbo, Wasp realizes they are at Limbo and that they are facing one of Avengers's first foe - the Space Phantom. Then Kang shows up, taunts the heroes and is destroyed by Herc, but it was only a robot. Then Kang (with the cloak) tells Ravonna his plan to use the Avengers to defeat his enemy - the other Kang to be the only Kang of all time and dimensions.


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