The Avengers #261

    The Avengers » The Avengers #261 - Earth and Beyond! released by Marvel on November 1, 1985.

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    The Avengers return from the Skrull Galaxy in a SECRET WARS II crossover. But instead of peace and quiet, they encounter ... the Beyonder!


    The Avengers are at the Commanding Skrull Spaceship after helping them defeating Nebula last issue. The Skrulls aren't able to change their shape anymore, and Starfox tells everyone that he had destroyed the spaceship Sanctuary with a bomb, because it belong to Thanos. Firelord almost start a fight with the Skrulls again, but the Avengers stop him and he decides to leave in peace. Starfox tells that he also will leave the Avengers together with Firelord to find Nebula (she said she is the daughter of Thanos and he has to know the truth).

    Back on Earth Captain Marvel meets her parents while Jarvis tells the others about what had happened when the Beyonder met him at the Mansion (two issues ago). Now Captain America knows for sure that it was the Beyonder who helped them against Nebula last issue, and they have to stop him before he destroys the Earth.

    At the same time, Wasp reads a letter that warns them about their Quinjet, and that the NY Government wants it out of the city in 30 days. The Beyonder shows up but is defeated by Cap and Wasp and then vanishes away.

    At the PEGASUS facility, Black Knight builds a machine to track down Beyonder. The Beyonder shows up in the lab and Hercules grabs him but is throw away by Beyonder. Black Knight is attacked and defeat Beyonder, who vanishes away again.

    Back to the Mansion the Avengers are having a meeting about the Beyonder when he shows up in the middle of the room and Hercules punches him away. Then surprisingly, Wasp invites Beyonder to join the Avengers, intending to watch over him during that time, but the Beyonder denies and goes away.


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