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East meets West

One of my first Avengers comics. West Coast Avengers just started up. It was a good time to be an Avengers fan. A double-sized issue at $1.00, it cost as much as an annual back then. Haven't seen a giant-size or double-sized issue in awhile. I just noticed Al Milgrom and Joe Sinnot signed their names to the cover. Looks like they did for a few issues, but didn't stick.

Vision and Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau, the one I grew up with) seem to be the stars of this one. With Captain Marvel's lightspeed she's the natural one to travel around searching. Having her affected by Phobius's power is a great way to build tension, even though this doesn't carry through. It's kind of the Worf Effect (showing a strong character being taken out by a villain to show how powerful they are).

There's a two-page spread as both teams are flying side by side in matching quinjets that is really effective. Each page shows the interior head on with all the characters of each team visible. Each character has a chance to show how they are feeling about the situation and what they are really thinking about. It's interesting to compare and contrast each character's thoughts and compare what they say out loud to what they are thinking.

The battle at the end seems a little rushed, but every character has a chance in the spotlight. The most interesting thing is Captain Marvel's struggle with the lasting effects of Phobius's fear attack. And this culminates in the last scene where Starfox tells Monica he had trouble accepting her using the name Captain Marvel at first since he knew the original, but he develops a respect for her and gives his blessing in a way. I remember even as a kid this seemed important which is why I was disappointed to see her character change, but that's the nature of things I guess.

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