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Captain Marvel and Starfox join the Avengers as full-fledged members! Their first mission: Take down the villain known as Plantman! Plus: Tony Stark, the former Ironed Avenger, succumbs to alcoholism!

The Avengers and Eros watch as Dr. Don Blake puts a cast on Hawkeye's leg, with She-Hulk assistance. Captain America and Wasp offer to show the doctor out when he finishes. Wasp informs the rest of the team to meet in the assembly room in half an hour. In the elevator, Dr. Blake taps his cane on the floor to transform into Thor. The Thunder God asks why Wasp delayed restarting the meeting. Wasp tells Thor and Captain America she is thinking of steping down as chairwoman. Wasp tells Cap and Thor that she blames herself for Iron Man leaving the team, Hawkeye's broken leg, and is unsure how to fill to empty roster spot resulting from Hawkeye's injury. Thor proposes Eros. Wasp declares they could make Eros an Avenger-in-Training, after Cap questions the Titan's skills. Wasp calls Washington to arrange for security clearance before the meeting begins.

Wasp asks Eros why he wants to join the Avengers immediately after restarting the team meeting. Eros says he is seeking adventure, and can think of nowhere better to find it than among the Avengers. Wasp proposes to induct Eros as an Avenger-in-Training to replace Hawkeye while he is injured. She insists he needs a code-name, and dubs the Titan...Starfox. Wasp assigns Thor, Captain Marvel, and Starfox to aid a Naval task force tracking the submarine that directed the attack earlier that morning (last issue).

The three Avengers fly off to meet the Naval task force. Captain America and Wasp leave on an errand. The Navy captain on sight welcomes the Avengers, and briefs them on the situation. Below, Plantman uses his powers to grow seaweed to giant size and attack the Naval ships. Thor dives into the water to repel the attack as seaweed tentacles ensnare Captain Marvel and Starfox.

Elsewhere, Captain America and Wasp arrive at the Manhattan apartment of an extremely drunk Tony Stark. Wasp demands to know why Tony has not responded to Avengers emergency calls, and why he resigned from the team. At that moment, Iron Man flies in through the window. The new Iron Man explains that he has taken over the role from Tony, and feels unworthy of being an Avenger.

In the Atlantic, Captain Marvel and Starfox easily free themselves as Thor destroys the last of the tentacles. Starfox notes that all the Avengers present can operate underwater without problem. The three Avengers dive underwater to pursue Plantman's submarine. The Avengers cut through the submarine's missile defenses and penetrate the hull. Plantman pulls the last hope lever on the submarine, causing the walls to encase him in a solid sphere that is launched towards the sky. An automatic message plays: the Wizard informs Plantman that he considers the submarine to have been payment for aiding his escape, and that the sphere is propeling Plantman into orbit. Captain Marvel arrives inside the escape pod. Plantman surrenders and begs her to save him. Captain Marvel blasts the wall of the escape pod open. Plantman flies out of the sphere into the arms of Thor.

At Avengers Mansion, Wasp offers to take She-Hulk out to look for an apartment. The two Avengers run into an impenetrable, invisible barrier. A problem to be solved next issue.

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