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Will the Avengers remain trapped in the past? Will Avalon fall under the might of Balor? All will be revealed, including the fate of Black Knight, in this inter-dimensional issue!

Bres gloats before the entranced Iron Man and Dr. Druid. He boasts that the Avengers are in Avalon, and no one can stop him from killing Dr. Druid.

Thor and She-Hulk appear from thin air. Bres attacks as the Avengers try to regain their bearings. He keeps She-Hulk at bay with his energy blasts, and steals Mjolnir from Thor's hand with his mystic powers. Bres is able to match Thor blow for blow with Mjolnir out of the equation. She-Hulk dodges behind Iron Man to avoid one of Bres' mystical blasts, and realizes that the iron in the armor disrupts Celtic magic. She-Hulk throws Iron Man into Bres, and Thor knocks out the Fomor with a single blow. The two Avengers stand victorious, but are unable to return to help their teammates.

In Avalon, Balor's attacks have Captain America, Hawkeye, and Wasp on the defensive. The Black Knight saddles Valinor. The Knight tells Amergin that he is honor-bound to aid the Avengers. The Black Knight attacks Balor; inflicting the first injury the Fomor notices. Balor knocks the Black Knight off of his flying horse. Hawkeye and Captain America save the Knight from a long fall, while Wasp distracts Balor. The Avengers withdraw from the battle towards Amergin's castle.

Balor turns to confront Elathan for imprisoning him long ago. Elathan tells Balor to forget past slights and join the Fomor in defeating Amergin and the Avengers. Cethlann moves to argue, until she is threatened by Dulb. Balor agrees to help destroy Avalon's main city.

Amergin finally reveals his plan: to use the Avengers to lure out Balor, and recharge the Evil Eye with the giant Fomor's energies.

Amergin screams in pain as his mystic defenses are assaulted, and he teleports away to confront the attackers alone. Balor attacks Amergin, and seems to destroy him, as the other Fomori watch. But Amergin stands from behind large chunks of rubble...unharmed. Balor attacks again, but is easily blocked by the Evil Eye. Elathan moves to ambush Amergin, and is stopped by Captain America's shield. The Avengers and Fomori begin fighting again. Elathan encases Captain America in stone. Hawkeye and Wasp disarm Dulb. Captain America is able to throw his shield and shatter his stone prison with his ricocheting weapon. Wasp tricks Dulb into knocking out Tethra with his Tathlum Balls. Elathan attacks Amergin, and gains the advantage. Black Knight blocks Elathan's mystic blasts with the Ebony Blade.

As the fight continues, Balor grabs the Evil Eye. He holds the mystic weapon to his eye, hoping to regain the power it absorb. A massive explosion results; leaving no trace of Balor. The Fomori move to enter the portal to Earth, with the Avengers in pursuit. Amergin begs the Knight to stop them, but warns that the Evil Eye will destroy its user.

The Avengers attack as the Fomori prepare to enter the portal. Elathan slips through the fighting to the portal. As he tries to enter, he is stopped and thrown back by the Black Knight. The Knight seals the portal in a burst of mystic energy.

Captain America, Wasp, and Hawkeye reappear in Avengers Mansion. They are delighted to see Thor and She-Hulk are still alive. Dr. Druid awakens. Druid apologizes for not asking the Avengers to help. He reveals the Black Knight died in the Middle Ages when he used the Evil Eye to seal the portal. But Dr. Druid's scrying spell shifts, without direction from Druid, to reveal the Black Knight's shattered stone body at Garrett Castle. The Avengers watch as the stone pieces reform into a statue....and the Black Knight returns to life. Dr. Druid tells the Avengers to contact the Knight, but to let him adjust to the modern world again.


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