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The return of the Black Knight! After the team is transported to 12th century Avalon, the Avengers find themselves face-to-face with the monstrous Fomor! Who will perish in this alternate realm? And will it be the forces of good, or evil, that conquer the day?

Thor is attacked by security systems as he arrives at Avengers Mansion. The Thunder God is encased in quickly hardening plastanium, developed by Tony Stark. Thor frees himself, and the team enters the mansion for their meeting. Doctor Druid stands nearby watching the entire time, and follows the team into the mansion.

Wasp proposes upgrading the status of some inactive Avengers to reserve status, in case of emergencies. Hawkeye asks what situation could possibly be too much for the active Avengers. In response, Dr. Druid reveals himself. Druid mesmerizes the Avengers, and transports the team elsewhere. Except Iron Man.

The Avengers find themselves in Avalon. Amergin and the Black Knight greet the Avengers. Hawkeye and the Black Knight catch up quickly. Dane is shocked to learn his original body was shattered into stone pieces. Amergin explains that the Avengers are needed to repel the Fomori.

Elsewhere, the Fomori observe the arrival of the Avengers in a scrying pool. Cethlann demands a vote to override Elathan's slow plotting, in favor of destroying Amergin and his allies immediately. The other Fomori vote to support Elathan. Cethlann decries the vote. She claims that her husband Balor could win the battle by himself. The Fomori protest releasing Balor would be too dangerous.

Back in Avalon proper, Amergin and the Avengers discuss strategy. The Black Knight stands off to the side without interest. Amergin tells the Avengers that he has no troops left; the Avengers must defend Avalon alone. At that moment, the wall shatters and the Avengers are swept outside by strong winds, as Elathan declares the end of Avalon and the Avengers. The Black Knight moves to help the team, but he is stopped by Amergin. Amergin reveals he had the Avengers summoned to steal the energies needed to power his weapon...the Evil Eye.

Outside, Elathan assaults the Avengers with hail as he gloats that he is the Master of the Tempests. Thor responds with a bolt of lightning, and a fierce battle erupts between Elathan and Thor. A series of individual fights break out between the Avengers and the Fomori. Dulb attacks Hawkeye with self-guided tathlum balls. Cethlann grapples She-Hulk. Captain America engages Indech, and quickly loses his shield to the Fomor's gluey hide. Wasp fights Tethra, but cannot injure the Fomor through his scales. As everyone else fights, Bres transforms into a small dragon-like form and flies into Amergin's tower. Black Knight attacks Bres, but the Fomor quickly defeats the Knight. Bres grabs Amergin, and mesmerizes the wizard. The Black Knight awakens to find Amergin standing in a trance, and that Bres has vanished.

Captain America frees his shield from Indech. He blocks Dulb's tathlum balls from hitting Hawkeye. Dulb directs his weapons to change targets to the Star-Spangled Avenger. Captain America easily avoids the tathlum balls, and knocks Dulb out with one powerful punch. Now two Avengers face Indech. Hawkeye shoots Indech with a freezer-arrow, and the Fomor is frozen in place. Wasp breaks Tethra's grasp by growing to her normal size. Before Tethra can react, Wasp shrinks to her fighting size and blasts the Fomor in his eyes. Wasp flies over and blasts Cethlann in her face to free She-Hulk from the Fomor's powerful grip. She-Hulk levels Cethlann with a single blow. Cethlann runs away, crying out for someone to defend her. Thor is thrown through the air, nearly hitting She-Hulk. Elathan pushes She-Hulk aside as he moves to defeat the Thunder God. Thor catches Elathan's fist in his hand, and crushes it. The Thunder God forces Elathan to his knees before tossing him aside.

Cethlann appears on top of a nearby hill. She proclaims that Balor has come to avenge her injuries (at the hands of She-Hulk). The monstrous Balor moves forward, towering above the Avengers. Thor and She-Hulk charge the giant Fomor. Balor opens his eye, and both Avengers vanish in a burst of light. Captain America, Hawkeye, and Wasp face Balor in shock at losing their two most powerful members.

On Earth, Bres appears. He gloats as he sees that Iron Man and Doctor Druid stand entranced with no one to guard them. Bres declares that he will kill Druid, and trap the Avengers in the timestream forever, allowing Bres to conquer the Earth.


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