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Egghead attempts to re-form the Masters of Evil, and his plans might just work! Hawkeye and She-Hulk continue their friendly feuding, while Jan finds herself “reacquainted” with an old flame.

Outside the Avengers Mansion, She-Hulk is destroying her car that Hawkeye tampered with as a prank when Wasp shows up with a new wardrobe to cheer her up.

At Stark International, Scott Lang inquires about Hank Pym and if the Avengers should be helping him but Stark says there is nothing that can be done.

As the Avengers arrive from their various locations for the meeting, She-Hulk models an Arabian Nights-styled outfit made by Wasp. When Hawkeye jokes about her appearance, she rushes to him but instead of fighting, kisses him before tossing him to the ground.

Meanwhile, Egghead plots his next move and one of his floating capsules launches a missile that destroys a prison in Atlantis, freeing Tiger Shark in the process.

On Riker’s Island, Pym thinks about clearing his name and has a run-in with Whirlwind in the cafeteria. Pym attacks him after Whirlwind makes comments about going to see Wasp after he is released and is dragged off to solitary confinement.

Suddenly, an explosion rocks the prison and Tiger Shark appears on the scene. The undersea villain frees Whirlwind, Scorpion and Moonstone and escape the facility by boat. They meet up with Egghead, who introduces himself as their employer and appoints Moonstone as the team’s leader.

Back at the mansion, the meeting is breaking up and Wasp prepares to exit in her limo but Whirlwind has taken the place of her driver. Hawkeye notices the commotion but the Masters of Evil arrive soon after as Moonstone criticizes Whirlwind for going off on his own without her permission.

Soon, Thor and She-Hulk join the battle and the Avengers take down the Masters of Evil as Egghead watches from a monitor in his lab, dismissing their defeat as a minor setback to his plan.


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