The Avengers #213

    The Avengers » The Avengers #213 - Court-Martial released by Marvel on November 1981.

    The Trial of Yellow Jacket.

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    Yellowjacket continues to cause concern for his teammates after several bouts of reckless behavior in battle. But who will truly take the blunt of Hank Pym’s rage? Will it be the woman he loves more than life itself? A shocking issue that reveals the dark side to one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!


    Captain America, Iron Man and Thor gather to determine if Yellowjacket should be court-martialed based on his unprovoked attack on the Elfqueen after the fighting had stopped. While internally he rationalizes his actions, Yellowjacket provides no explanation to his fellow Avengers and they decide to go ahead with the court-martial.

    Wasp awaits the verdict outside with Tigra and initially Yellowjacket is not receptive to her comforting him but eventually they embrace while Tigra wonders what Wasp sees in him.

    As a storm rages outside, Captain America recalls fighting in Europe during World War II and during one battle where he shed his army uniform for his Captain America outfit. After routing a group of German soldiers, he reacted to a sound from behind and whipped his shield in the general direction. In doing so, Captain America nearly broke the neck of a small child picking up a shell casing, who happened to duck and miss getting hit. He wonders if that incident was any different from the one involving Yellowjacket.

    Inside the mansion, Iron Man reviews Hank Pym’s history with the Avengers, including the creation of Ultron which he believes still haunts Pym.

    Back at their home in Creeskill, Janet tries to cheer up Hank but he retreats to his lab, which draws tears from his wife. Depressed, Hank recalls his one success that went horribly wrong in Ultron and sees the potential to redeem himself once again.

    The next day, Tigra awakens to the good news of a stipend check presented by Jarvis while Tony Stark and Donald Blake head out from a board meeting and surgery, respectively, to assume their superhero identities before the court martial.

    Janet awakens and finds Hank still has not left the lab in three days. She heads down and discovers him building Salvation 1, an adamantium robot that only he knows how to defeat. The robot attacks Janet before Hank disables it with a disruptor blast from his stinger.

    Hank believes this is the way to save his career with the Avengers because the trial is a mere formality before he is expelled from the team. Janet tries to talk him out of it but Hank hits her and tells her to keep quiet about his plan.

    At the mansion, the court-martial convenes as Captain America prosecutes and asks for the harshest penalty, expecting the same if he was the one on trial. Yellowjacket pleads not guilty and starts ranting about how Captain America has a vendetta against him because he liked the Elfqueen and wanted to make him look foolish. Asking Janet to defend him instead she begs for him to stop and reveals her black eye to the rest of the team.

    Yellowjacket then releases the robot over her objections, which then smashes through the wall and attacks the Avengers. Performing better than he had hoped, he prepares to disable it but instead gets caught in its crushing grip and it is Janet who halts the robot’s assault.

    Disgraced by his wife saving him, Yellowjacket departs the mansion without a fight. Iron Man tries to comfort Janet, who doesn’t even have the energy to cry.


    • Bob Budiansky's Assistant Editor credit taken from letters page header.
    • Cover used for a homage in Mighty Avengers #15.
    • Features the Hostess Cup Cakes ad, The Thing In "A Lesson To Be Learned!"


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