The Avengers #201

    The Avengers » The Avengers #201 - The Evil Reborn / Bully! released by Marvel on November 1980.

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    Following the battle with Marcus, son of Immortus and Carol Danvers, the Avengers must rebuild the mansion. What strange discoveries will Wasp make in Yellowjacket’s lab? And why is Jarvis wielding a vacuum cleaner as a weapon?

    The Evil Reborn

    Before going their separate ways, the Avengers take time to clean up their mansion following last issue's chaos with Marcus. After the repairs have been made, Tony Stark heads to Stark International's Long Island headquarters and receives a distressing note from his secretary! Someone or something has stolen high-tech chemical components from SI's research lab! Meanwhile at the Pym's home in New Jersey, a robot breaks in and steals containers of Ad Resin X and Ad Resin Y from Yellowjacket's vault! Could the two robberies be related? Tony Stark fears so!


    Jarvis visits his mother in the Bronx and discovers that a local thug has been harassing the neighborhood. So the Avengers' butler brings his own brand of justice to the streets to solve the problem!


    • Features the Hostess Twinkies Cakes ad, Mr. Fantastic In "The Power Of Gold!"
    • Bob Budiansky's assistant editor credit taken from letters page header.

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