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The Difference A Good Inker Makes!

The Avengers still seem gullible enough for any trap one of their enemies dreams up. This time, the Mandarin, posing as Iron Man, convinces them to accept the Swordsman (yes, the guy who tried to kill Captain America last issue) onto the team.

So just in case you’re keeping track at home, that’s a five member team, four of whom used to be supervillains.

Wanda’s hex power continues to be way too powerful and ill defined.

But, what a difference an inker can make! Apparently I wasn’t the only one that noticed the overall weakness of the art last issue. Don Heck is still doing the layouts here, but as mentioned on the cover, Wally Wood is the inker, and he is just what this title needed.

It may not yet read like the greatest super team on Earth, but it’s at least starting to look like it.

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