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While The Avengers are having a meeting in Stark's library the Space Phantom lands on Earth!

The Avengers Battle The Space Phantom

The story begins with the Avengers holding one of their inaugural meetings in the library of Tony Stark's mansion. While this meeting is taking place, the Space Phantom lands on the Earth. He believes that the Avengers are the most powerful foes on this planet and if he can defeat them, no one on Earth can stop the invasion of his people. The Space Phantom takes the identity of a passerby in order to infiltrate Avengers headquarters. When the Space Phantom assumes the identity of someone, that person is transported to Limbo until the Space Phantom assumes another form.

The Avengers are alerted to the intruder and the Hulk is the first on the scene to stop the Space Phantom. The Space Phantom, however, assumes the form of the Hulk, leaving the Avengers unaware that their ally is actually in Limbo. The Space Phantom, pretending to be the Hulk, provokes a fight with Iron Man but Thor jumps in, stopping the fight. The Space Phantom, still under the guise of the Hulk, leaves the mansion in order to learn as much as he can about the humans. He is encountered by Rick Jones and the pair travel off to a remote location where the Space Phantom stops so that he may gloat about his plans.

After explaining his sinister plot, he abandons Rick Jones and goes off to a nearby missile facility funded by Tony Stark to destroy a missile they are testing. Iron Man confronts the Space Phantom and defeats him in battle, but the Phantom assumes the shape of a nearby bug and escapes.

Meanwhile, Rick Jones returns to the Teen Brigade and alerts Giant Man and the Wasp. They arrive just as Iron Man gets into a fight with the real Hulk, not realizing that the Space Phantom has moved on. Giant Man alerts his friends to the plot of the Space Phantom but he is sent to Limbo as the Space Phantom returns and assumes the form of Giant Man. He attacks the Hulk and Iron Man as the Wasp runs off to find Thor.

The Space Phantom attempts to take the form of Thor but is instead sent to Limbo because his powers do not work on Asgardians. With the Space Phantom gone all is well except the Hulk finally realizes just how much the other Avengers are repulsed by him and he promptly leaves the team.


  • This is the final Avengers appearance of Iron Man's bulky gold MK 1 armor.
  • In a writing flub worthy of a no-prize, Rick Jones mistakenly refers to The Hulk's alter ego as Dr. Donald Blake.

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The greatest heroes of the day gather for the first time since founding for… a meeting, meanwhile in the far reaches of space the dreaded Space Phantom tears towards earth on a scouting mission for his people. He shall test the will of the Avengers, should he defeat them then his people shall come forth and conquer the earth! I quite enjoyed this issue of the Avengers. The Space Phantom looks sort of lame but his ability to pose as anyone while sending the original into Limbo is pretty co...

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