The Avengers #199

    The Avengers » The Avengers #199 - Last Stand On Long Island released by Marvel on September 1980.

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    After defeating Red Ronin with the help of Wonder Man, the Avengers return to the Mansion and are stunned to find Wanda and a heavily-pregnant Carol. And although Ms. Marvel has only been pregnant for a few days, she is ready to deliver at any moment!

    Last Stand On Long Island

    Red Ronin's rampage across New York City continues! Now the metal monster is in Queens at the Cross Enterprises facility! Fortunately Cross employs a former ace archer as its security chief! But Hawkeye can't stop the giant robot either! The Avengers' best hope may lie with the Beast and Jocasta who climbed inside Red Ronin's boot last issue! Can the two avengers climb their way through the interior of the robot and disable his command and control center? The hundreds of motorists stranded on the Long Island Expressway...looking up at the massive fist of Red Ronin...sure hope so!

    Meanwhile Ms Marvel arrives at the Avengers Mansion with a very surprising Medical condition. The question with everyone... 'Who is the father?'


    • Features the Hostess Twinkies Cakes ad, "Captain Marvel Defends The Earth!"
    • Bob Budiansky was assistant editor on this issue.

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