The Avengers #188

    The Avengers » The Avengers #188 - Elementary, Dear Avengers released by Marvel on October 1979.

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    After his near heart-attack in Wundagore, the Avengers deliver Quicksilver to his Inhuman wife on Attilan. There, Pietro finds out that he and Crystal are expecting a baby! Concerned about her own legacy, the Scarlet Witch considers motherhood, and whether it is possible to have a child with Vision.

    Elementary, Dear Avengers

    The Avengers land in Attilan where they are greeted by Crystal, Gorgon and Karnak with Black Bolt looking on from above, still sulking over the missing Medusa.

    Crystal announces that she and Quicksilver are expecting a child and after the evening’s festivities, the rest of the Avengers depart for home as Scarlet Witch informs Vision of the news while wondering about having a child or if it is even possible.

    In an attempt to get back sooner, the Avengers decide to cross through Soviet airspace only to be intercepted by a pair of MiG fighters. While Beast tries to explain the situation to the pilots, one of the planes disintegrates in mid air and the other is recalled to base.

    The team debates about whether to investiage with Beast leading the majority, claiming the Avengers are not obligated to just protect America but the world. Captain America rules with the consensus while Falcon withholds his anger about not being asked his opinion on the matter.

    The Avengers land at a nuclear power plant and are immediately surrounded by armed Soviet troops. Luckily, a colonel arrives on the scene and prevents any confrontation while pointing in the direction of the problem just as an explosion rocks the plant.

    Vanadium emerges from the opening but Wonder Man charges at him and manages to shatter Vanadium to pieces.

    They head inside to investigate where they find four more elements, Phosphorus, Carbon, Radon and Chlorine and a fight ensues. The Avengers have little success and Captain America orders a retreat but Falcon realizes Wasp is missing and heads back to find her only to be knocked out by the reconstituted Vanadium.

    Back outside, the Soviets once again have their guns aimed at the Avengers, the colonel is missing and technicians are crawling all over the Quinjet. Scarlet Witch manages to get rid of them while Wasp returns. She had passed out on the floor from the gas while still small and witnessed a technician forced into a machine and turned into Cobalt as they set out to recreate all of the elements.

    Falcon appears to be the next victim but is rescued by Scarlet Witch as Ms. Marvel fires a laser cannon at the reactor, which causes nuclear plasma to rain down on the Elements and destroy them. Unfortunately, the Avengers now have to escape the same fate but with no clear exit from the heat and radiation.

    Seemingly trapped, Wonder Man blasts up through to the roof and the rest of the Avengers follow him out to safety. They retreat quickly to the Quinjet while being fired upon by the Soviets and take off for home.


    • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, The Incredible Hulk And The Ultimate Weapon!
    • Jm Salicrup was assistant editor on this issue.

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