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The Avengers visit the mystical island of Muara to return a religious artifact. Little do they know, the island is protected by a monolithic stone creature out for blood!

Berserkers' Holiday

The Avengers arrive on Maura to return the mystic totem and immediately encounter the Monolith.

While Thor’s Mjolnir does nothing to faze the creature, Bloodhawk swipes the totem from his teacher on the Quinjet and takes off. The teacher says it may be the key to stopping the Monolith so Beast heads out after him.

Iron Man gets back to the Avengers Mansion where is subdued by an unknown assailant with a vibratory shocker.

Back on the island, Vision has no better luck against the Monolith, which knocks him into the atmosphere before plunging back into the Pacific. Beast manages to catch up to Bloodhawk and after a scuffle, gains possession of the totem.

The Monolith has trapped Thor underfoot but Beast is able to use Mjolnir to reach the top of its head and then drop the totem into a slot that leaves the Monolith lifeless. Thor then sends the creature to the far reaches of the galaxy while Beast offers to take Bloodhawk to Professor X for assistance.

Back at the mansion, Iron Man, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Yellowjacket, Wonder Man and Wasp are tied up by the assailant known as Stinger, who plans to auction off the Avengers to the highest bidder.

The other Avengers with Bloodhawk and his teacher return and realize something is wrong. Vision and Beast are taken out, which leaves Thor alone to do battle. Stinger goes invisible to gain an advantage while Bloodhawk enters the fray over his teacher’s objection.

Stinger reappears and blasts at Thor but Bloodhawk jumps in front of the vibratory shocker. Beast had freed the Avengers and Thor creates a storm to reveal an invisible Stinger before Iron Man, Yellowjacket and Beast take him down.

Vision says Bloodhawk is dying with his avian body unable to handle the effects of the blast. Bloodhawk asks his teacher if his father would have been proud and loved him. His teacher replies “Yes my son, he is and he does.”


  • Jim Salicrup's assistant editor credit taken from letters page header.
  • Roger Stern is uncredited on the title page as editor but his credit appears on letters page header.
  • Features the Hostess Twinkies Cakes ad, Iron Man In An Irresistible Force!


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