The Avengers #172

    The Avengers » The Avengers #172 - Holocaust In New York Harbor! released by Marvel on June 1978.

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    Holocaust in New York Harbor!

    Hawkeye returns to the Avengers Mansion but no one is there to greet him. Coincidentally, Henry Gyrich decides to stop in and is angered by the lack of security allowing him to just walk in the front door.

    At the convent, the Avengers stand over the fallen Ultron but notice Jocasta has disappeared. Then, Captain America vanishes without a trace.

    They return to the mansion where they are finally reunited with Hawkeye, who informs them he has tied up an intruder but they realize from his description is Gyrich. After being freed, Gyrich announces that the Avengers priority status with the U.S. government has been revoked and storms out.

    Soon after, Crystal calls to say that Quicksilver has disappeared and Jarvis returns to inform them that Tyrak is attacking the harbor. Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man and Ms. Marvel head out to handle the threat.

    Tyrak wants revenge for his defeat at the hands of the Avengers and Ms. Marvel is the first to engage while he is destroying a ship. Initially reluctant to fight her but after Marvel lands a blow, Tyrak sends her crashing into the edge of the pier.

    Hawkeye shoots a sonic arrow that only halts Tyrak temporarily before he destroys it. Vision appears from below the ship's deck to fight Tyrak but is sent flying through a nearby Coast Guard vessel.

    While the Avengers regroup, Tyrak continues his rampage on land. Ms. Marvel attacks from behind and gains the upper hand but Wonder Man's intrusion, due to underestimating Marvel's ability, allows Tyrak to recover and subdue them both.

    Scarlet Witch frees them from his grasp with a hex so Tyrak tries to attack before she creates another one only to be blindsided by Vision's heat vision that leaves him dehydrated and weakened on the pier.

    Unable to get a pickup with their priority status revoked and unwilling to leave him to die, the Avengers throw Tyrak back into the water knowing it will revive him and allow him to return in the future.

    Ms. Marvel departs after flirting with Wonder Man but then Vision becomes the latest victim to simply vanish.

    Luke Charles, the civilian identity of the Black Panther, receives a call from the Wasp and agrees to help if the Avengers need him.

    In the lab, Iron Man tries to determine the cause of the recent disappearances while Yellowjacket and Wasp inform him that they have contacted Hercules, Whizzer and Captain Marvel about the situation. Unfortunately, Beast got a call and took off illegally with the Quinjet while Thor headed off to Jamaica Bay to handle a separate threat.

    The three of them are being watched on a monitor by a mysterious figure with the missing Avengers being held in the containment tubes.


    • The cover is a homage of the cover of All-Star Comics #6.
    • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, The Hulk in "Leave Me Alone"
    • This issue won an Eagle Award in 1979 for "Best Continuing Story" as part of "The Korvac Saga".

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