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The New Avengers Falter Already

Without Giant-Man, Iron Man, or Thor, the new Avengers search for the Hulk to make up for their lack of strength. Almost as if on cue, a giant robot shows up to fight them and then once nearly destroyed, with it’s last bit of energy, it tells them, ‘the Hulk is in the desert’.

The Avengers suspect it’s a trap, which it is – a trap by the Mole Man, but they go to ‘the desert’ anyway. They happen not only to go to the right desert, but to within one mile of where the Hulk is at that very moment. But none of that matters, because they never meet the Hulk. Not only do they go to the right desert, to the right vicinity, but they go and stand on the very trap door the Mole Man placed in the whole entire desert, and are thus dropped underground where they have to face a giant minotaur.

After a brief couple of good issues, The Avengers seems to be faltering again.

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