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The Avengers and Hellcat return to their own reality. However, they soon learn that disaster will strike no matter what dimension they're in!

The Gods And The Gang!

Thor and Moondragon return home with Moondragon asserting that Thor is lowering himself by living among mortals. Jarvis informs them the Avengers have not returned from investigating Roxxon Oil and they head out to find them.

The Avengers battle the Brand Corporation's troops while Buzz Baxter and Hugh Jones look on from a secure location. Jones learns from a psychic communication with Nelson Rockefeller on the alternate earth that the Squadron Supreme has disposed him from power.

Jones decides to unleash the secret weapon that was provided by the Serpent Crown. A single blow from a blue figure knocks out all of the Avengers and Jones has them taken into custody.

Thor and Moondragon arrive on the scene and battle Orka, who has been physically enhanced by the Brand Corporation and the individual responsible for subduing the Avengers for Jones.

Orka is able to resist the blows of Mjolnir and Moondragon's mental blasts, knocking her before resuming his fight with Thor.

Meanwhile, the Avengers are strapped to the Electro-Incinerogram with Baxter showing no remorse at the possibility of killing his ex-wife. While Baxter is distracted waiting to see the outcome of the battle outside, Hellcat manages to get free, stops Baxter from flipping the switch and forces him to free the Avengers.

Thor finally defeats Orka after tapping into the full potential of his godly powers. Moondragon reveals she was not knocked unconscious but pretended to do so in order for Thor to understand what he is capable of.

After watching this unfold on the monitor, Jones gives the order for Baxter to kill the Avengers but receives no response. Jones rushes over to find the Avengers freed and waiting for him.

With the fighting over, Hellcat comes to terms with the end of her marriage while Thor responds angrily when Captain America asks why only the last punch took down Orka and says that living among mortals has made hold back to prevent himself from killing their foes.

As the Avengers depart for home, Iron Man announces that a new lineup must be chosen.


  • Features the Hostess Twinkies ad, Captain America And The Red Skull

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