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The Assassin has poisoned Captain America with a dose of lethal radiation. Thor, as Dr. Donald Blake, will go to great lengths to save his teammate from death. To cover the absence of Thor, Iron Man creates a Life Model Decoy that will fight the Assassin alongside the rest of the team.

The Assassin Never Fails!

Chapter 1

As the Avengers await word on Captain America's fate, Scarlet Witch and Falcon bemoan the fact they are powerless to do anything while on a rooftop across the way the Assassin's agents observe them.

Chapter 2 - The Better to Kill Them With

Dr. Donald Blake operates on Captain America while Iron Man has constructed a life model decoy of Thor to protect Blake's secret. Iron Man joins Hawkeye and Vision in the lobby where a nurse attempts to drug with coffee and they are attacked by the Assassin's agents. Hawkeye passes out, Iron Man is gassed and the Thor Life Model Decoy is electrocuted. Due to its lifeless appearance, the Assassin's henchmen believe they have killed Thor. Vision continues to fight but the Assassin sneaks up from behind and attaches a device to the android's back that renders Vision immobile. After investigating the decoy, the Assassin realizes Blake is Thor and prepares to shoot him while he is still occupied.

Chapter 3 - Nothing Our Own But Death

One of Hawkeye's arrows stops the Assassin as the fallen Avengers are revived thanks to Hawkeye throwing up the coffee and Iron Man's synthetic heart being immune to poison. The Assassin tries to use Hawkeye as a human shield but the swinging door of the operating room knocks the Assassin down as Blake emerges to announce that Captain America has survived.

The Avengers disable the Assassin, who is revealed to be the nurse who tried to poison them with coffee. The Assassin escapes out the window thanks to a gas grenade but when she tries to warn her men that the Avengers are coming, they panic and gun her down. The Avengers arrive on the scene and take out the remaining henchman.

The man who employed the Assassin is approached by his son Angelo, who is furious that his father would hire his sister Maria while knowing she could not succeed. Angelo threatens him but is shot by his father, who prepares to turn the gun on himself.


  • Features the Hostess Cup Cakes ad, Spider-Man And The Cupcake Caper

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