The Avengers #145

    The Avengers » The Avengers #145 - The Taking Of The Avengers! released by Marvel on March 1976.

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    The mysterious masked villain, Assassin, swears the Avengers will be dead within the year. What are his motives? And how will the team defend themselves against their most vengeful enemy yet?

    The Taking Of The Avengers!

    Chapter 1 - Billion Dollar Death

    A man representing the past foes of the Avengers shows footage of the team in previous battles to the Assassin. An offer is made for one billion dollars to kill the Avengers and the Assassin vows to do so in a year’s time.

    Chapter 2 - Target: Captain America

    Captain America encounters a robbery with the criminals wearing Captain America masks. While he takes down most of them, one manages to escape and is pursued through the streets. Unknown to Captain America, he is led into a trap by the Assassin, who appears to kill Captain America with one shot from a special gun. The Assassin phones an old lady, who was offered a payoff earlier, to call the police to the scene.

    Chapter 3 - The Small Hours

    At the hospital, doctors inform Iron Man and Thor that Captain America is dying but the cause is unknown. Hawkeye arrives at the building just as Iron Man and Thor are departing and encounters two of the Assassin’s agents in a dark hallway. Following a brief skirmish, they escape using a smoke screen to disappear without being seen.

    Vision, Scarlet Witch and Beast are waiting outside Captain America’s room when Hawkeye finally gets there. Hawkeye relieves them of watch duty but Vision decides to stay. Both Avengers privately reflect on their relationships with Captain America. Meanwhile, the Assassin looks on from a monitor and prepares to start the next phase of the plan.


    • Features the Hostess Cup Cakes ad, Spider-Man And The Cupcake Caper


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