The Avengers #128

    The Avengers » The Avengers #128 - Bewitched, Bothered, and Dead released by Marvel on October 1974.

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    Following the attack on the Inhuman wedding, the Avengers and Fantastic Four return from the Hidden Land. The Scarlet Witch agrees to continue her hex training with Agatha Harkness, due to her winnowing control over her abilities. While Wanda and Agatha battle Necrodamus, Mantis makes her move on Vision.

    An attack by Necrodamus gives Mrs. Harkness an opportunity to train the Scarlet Witch.

    ACTION: (Spoilers!)

    The Avengers return to their mansion along with the Fantastic Four after their battle with Utron-7. They are immediately beset by a storm... a storm that not even Thor can stop! Mrs. Harkness speaks some incantation and quells the mystic storm... a storm created by Necrodamus who lurks in the shadows of the alley below.

    Agatha informs the Fantastic Four that Franklin Richards no longer needs her, so she would now like to work with the Scarlet Witch, so that the witch's name is no longer just a poetic appellation, but she will be able to truly fight like a witch.

    Wanda shows Agatha to a guest room where they are greeted by Ebony, Agatha's black cat. Mrs. Harkness casts a spell on the room so that none of the other Avengers will be aware of what takes place there the rest of the night.

    The bent over shape of Necrodamus appears in the room. He has chosen this night to attack because the stars and planets are aligned just right to give him greater powers. But Ebony is also able to draw from those same powers and grows into a large panther. He attacks the demon, but is quickly defeated.

    Just as quickly, Necrodamus dispatches Wanda's would-be teacher and protector. After casting three hexes on the demon, Wanda is exhausted and resigned to defeat. Necrodamus lifts his graven box, which will entrap the souls of both witches. Then he will have earned a powerful body to replace his crippled shell.

    But before the demon can open his enchanted box, Wanda looks into the eyes of Ebony and find a fresh wind of power. She casts her fourth (unprecedented) hex and bursts the box in the very hands of Necrodamus. All of the souls inside burst out and swirl around the room like a vacuum. It sucks up Necrodamus, and would have pulled in the Scarlet Witch too if Ebony's paws hadn't get her grounded to the floor.

    Mrs. Harkness rises fine and well. This has all been a test, so that Wanda could find the strength within herself to go beyond just three hexes.

    Meanwhile, outside the Avengers' mansion, a bright light draws everyone's attention. And then appears Kang the Counqueror, who plans on taking over the earth.


    While all of the action had been taking place in the women's guest room, the Swordsman's love for Mantis is rebuffed. He reacts violently, but is calmed by Iron Man and Thor. Since Mantis is trying to figure out her origins, she consults Vision, feeling that they are kindred spirits. But when she tries to get romantic with the Vision, he pushes her away. Wanda is the only one for him, even though she has been irritating him lately.

    Agatha and the Scarlet Witch



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