The Avengers #105

    The Avengers » The Avengers #105 - In The Beginning Was... The World Within! released by Marvel on November 1, 1972.

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    Scarlet Witch has locked herself in the Avengers’ control room and will not leave until she finds clues about her missing brother. Meanwhile, Black Panther returns from a strange mission with Daredevil.

    The Avengers,with the Lady Sif and Black Panther in tow, jet over to South America,to investigate the mysterious kidnapping of three scientists in Chile.Wanda is fretting over the disappearance of her brother,Quicksilver,and feels the incident in Chile may be related.

    Reaching the remaining members of the scientific team in Tierra Del Fuego,Hawkeye breaches a tunnel that leads to the tropical jungles of The Savage Land!

    In the jungle,The Avengers come across the ruins of Magneto`s old headquarters and are attacked by Gaza,Barbarus,Brainchild,Amphibius,Lupo and Equilibrius - The Beast-Brood!

    The mutants are overcome,however Equilibrius releases the siren,Lorelei from the ruins.She subdues the male members of The Avengers with her enchanting song.

    This doesn`t however,effect the android,Vision,who swiftly dispatches Lorelei and Equilibrius.

    Returning home,The Vision sinks into a glum mood as he ponders that being unfazed by Lorelei`s song it shows that,as an android,he is incapable of love...


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