The Avengers #1

    The Avengers » The Avengers #1 - The Coming of the Avengers released by Marvel on September 1963.

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    Loki is angered by his imprisonment on the Isle of Silence and seeks revenge on the being responsible, his step-brother Thor!

    The Coming of the Avengers

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    Loki is imprisoned in the Isle of Silence, banished by Odin. He blames Thor and begins to construct a plan to have his revenge. His plan involves coercing the Hulk into going on a rampage to force Don Blake to become Thor. The Hulk saves a train doomed to derailment but the public blames him for the attack. Rick Jones and the Teen Brigade believe the Hulk is innocent so they try contacting superheroes in the area via radio to help them in their search for the Hulk. The call for aid is answered by Ant-Man, Wasp, Iron Man, and Thor himself. The Fantastic Four also receive the message but are too busy to be able to help.

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    Loki sends a mental image of the Hulk in an effort to separate Thor from the other heroes who responded to the call for aid. Thor surmises that Loki is behind this trickery and he returns to Asgard to confront him just as Loki had hoped. The Hulk is found by the other heroes in a traveling circus under the guise of Mechano whom everyone believes is a robot. Ant-Man, Wasp, and Iron Man battle the Hulk and force him out of hiding.

    Meanwhile, Thor is granted permission from Odin to travel to the Isle of Silence to have Loki answer for his treachery. Thor defeats Loki in battle and takes him to earth to confess to his crimes. Loki reveals to the Hulk that he was the cause of the train wreck that started his rampage. The heroes agree that they should use their combined powers for good and that as a team they would be unbeatable. Wasp comes up with the name Avengers and it is from this story that the famous team is born.

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    Earth's Mightiest Heroes 0

    The legendary first Avengers issue, from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, featuring the quasi-accidental formation of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Released all the way back in 1963, how does it read today?  Well, it's fun stuff. Some of it is goofy fun, but it's still fun. Any Marvel fan knows the plot already: the evil Loki manipulates the Hulk to get revenge on his brother Thor, causing a chain of events that forces Ironman, Ant-man, The Wasp and the aforementioned Thor to join forces against the God of ...

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    Innovative Key Issue 0

    Back in the early 60s, Marvel had a great cast of characters that it wanted to bring together in a supergroup to compete against teams like the justice league. Avengers #1 does exactly that by bringing Thor, Iron Man, Ant Man, Wasp and the Hulk together to fight the menace of Loki, god of mischief. I really like the way these characters interact with each other but they seem a little immature and vain at first glance. In reading this issue you would think that these characters are way too differ...

    5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    Avengers Being Assembled 0

    With this comic, superhero teams were redefined.  A mix of personality types and characters with both strengths and weaknesses were put together from the growing Marvel stable by the titanic team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. An issue this important almost defies criticism, but I'm going to try to tackle it anyway.  While it's great to see all these heroes on the same stage, one has to remember that both in terms of powers, and in terms of personality / characterization, these were all fairly new ...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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