The Avatars

    Team » The Avatars appears in 20 issues.

    They fight in the name of the Mandarin and have clashed with Force Works and Heroes for Hire.

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    The Avatars are super-powered Chinese nationals that serve the Mandarin. Most of their real names and origins are shrouded in mystery but the Avatars appear to be empowered by mystical forces. The members include Butterfly, Foundry, Lich, Sickle, Turmoil, Warfist, Deluge, Ancestor, Q'Wake and Old Woman. Several members of the Avatars would attack the citizens of Hong Kong and cause massive destruction in their wake. The Avatars attract the attention of Force Works after they attack the Eastern Division of Stark Industries and Suzi Endo makes a distress call for help. Force Works arrive in Hong Kong and engage the Avatars in battle. Century teleports away after he discovers an energy signature from a fallen Avatar member and chooses to track its source. The source comes from the Mandarin's rings and the evil leader and his Avatars were planning to plunge the civilized world into the feudal dark ages by destroying all technology. The Avatars would engage Iron Man, War Machine and Force Works on several occasions during this adventure. The Mandarin and his Avatars would establish a bridgehead in Hong Kong where they planned to expand the deadly anti-technology field with the help of Century's staff, Parallax. Mandarin is close to reaching his goal of world domination and orders his Avatars to bring him Iron Man. The Avatars engage Force Works one last time but they appear to be on the losing end of the battle. Iron Man tells Mandarin that he would surrender and come with the Avatars if he lets Force Works live. The Mandarin agrees so Iron Man and the Avatars teleport back to Hong Kong. It was all a ruse and Iron Man had infected the Mandarin with the techno-organic virus when he coated his outer faceplate with it. The Mandarin started to age at an accelerated rate and he was infected by science. His touch turn some of his Avatars into ash and the Mandarin met his apparent demise. Most of the Avatars vanished when the Mandarin died.

    Major Story Arcs

    Civil War

    Several members of the Avatars including Foundry, Lich, Sickle, Ancestor, Q'Wake and Warfist would resurface in New York and they were wanted for opposing the Superhuman Registration Act. The police force was no match for these empowered individuals and needed help. The Heroes for Hire responded and defeated the Avatars in battle. The Avatars would be placed into the Negative Zone Prison Alpha.


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