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    The crossover that no one expected! When Jenny Quantum discovers a book chronicling Lobo's assassination of Santa Claus in the bowels of the Carrier, she reacts like any child would: She wants Lobo punished! Unbeknownst to our heroes, the Main Man himself has set his sights on the Authority for a whole different reason...and when these trains collide, it ain't gonna be pretty!


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    The Authority vs Lobo 0

       Story:  Apollo reads Jenny a Christmas story, Midnighter try’s to untangles the Christmas lights until Apollo helps him but are both wrapped. Jenny wanders around the carrier for the other but are busy with their activities (Swift is looking at porn and Jack & Angie are having sex). Jenny then finds a comic book detailing Lobo killing Santa Claus, upset, she breaks the barrier between her dimension and the dimension Lobo inhabits in the comic book, bringing him into the Wildstorm universe...

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    Holiday Punch 0

    Alan Grant and Simon Bisley return after 'Paramilitary Christmas Special' with this frame story having Lobo brought to life in the Wildstorm Universe through effects of Jenny Quantum set to have some revenge on Lobo for "killing Santa". Metaphysical and twisted but hardly genius, good for some laughs, but an overpriced one-shot. Your better off getting a TPB for fuller effects....

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