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In this second collection of Authority stories, the team faces its greatest challenge when a godlike invader returns to Earth after eons of banishment. Fueled by a fury for revenge and destruction, the alien is only narrowly defeated by the Authority. But in victory, the team pays the ultimate price as their leader Jenny Sparks is killed during the battle. With no time to regroup, the leaderless Authority then must take on a super genius and his legion of paranormal soldiers as they attempt to kidnap the infant Spirit of the Twenty First Century.

Back Blurb

WildStorm's hi-octane, wide-screen action series THE AUTHORITY returns for its hardest-hitting and most over-the-top adventures yet.

The 20th Century comes to a close, and so does the life of Authority spearhead Jenny Sparks, The spirit of the 20th Century. But she goes out fighting. In Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch's final Authority story arc, "Outer Dark," the team faces a godlike alien invader, back to earth after eons, and ready to destroy the world.

Also featured is "The Nativity," the first story arc from the Authority creative team of Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. A now-Jennyless team finds itself world celebrities, as well as world policemen. And their first challenge is to stop ta diabolical super-genius with a legion of super-soldiers as he attempts to capture Jenny Quantum, the Spirit of the Twenty-First Century and mold her to suit his own nefarious plans.


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