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December 29, 1999

A weary Jenny Sparks looks at herself in the mirror and reminices about what a long strange ride the twentieth century has been.

Meanwhile, out in space, an unknown force destroys the Voyager I space probe.

In the Garden of Ancestral Memory, the current Doctor discusses with a past Doctor that he senses something very old is returning to Earth.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour orbits the Earth when it is attacked by dozens of black organic objects. The black objects continue towards the planet's surface and form a huge mass in Central Africa.

In New York City, Jack Hawksmoor visits Angie in her apartment. But as they visit, Angie suddenly becomes aware of a massive environmental change somwhere on the Earth. It causes her to change to her Engineer from. Jack calls for a Door to The Carrier.

In Australia, two men see a dark spot form on the surface of the sun.

On the moon, huge black tentacles burst through the surface from inside.

Back in the Garden of Ancestral Memory, the past Doctors tell the current Doctor that humans do not own Earth, they inherited it.

On The Carrier, Jack and Angie arrive and tell Jenny about the situation. She calls for the Doctor and they meet him in The Garden. The other Doctors say that the owners of Earth are back and this is just the preliminary wave. The Doctor then tells Jenny he 'knows' about her.

Back on the moon, giant black pods rise from within and shoot towards Earth.



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Inherit Earth 0

Enters a new arc story (issues # 9 to 12), the farewell of the fantastic run of Ellis and Hitch in this bloody yet gracious volume, focusing the threat of God, a true bastard that created Earth to be his country home but things quite didn't evolved here as he expected, so he's coming back in order to put things right - sure, it's another allien invasion, and they look like turds (Ellis makes jokes about this), but still the plot is convincing and interesting to keep reading and enjoying it. The ...

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