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In Sliding Albion, Regis and his second in command, Yngvi, discuss the rise and fall of their empire. He says that they need to find another Earth because their Earth has been affected greatly by all the warring they've caused. Yngvi updates Regis on the assault their forces led on the Wildstorm Earth Los Angeles. He tells Regis that Jenny Sparks appeared with some companions and drove their forces back. He also tells Regis that Sparks had Door technology even though her world is not supposed to have that technology. The good news for Sliding Albion though, is that they can track Sparks and her companions by following the frequency of the Doors she and The Authority are using.

Meanwhile at Rendelsham, Jenny, Angie , and Swift confront Jenny's ex-husband Lorenzo who is imprisoned there. Jenny tells Lorenzo that they just fended off a Sliding Albion attack and wants to know how the Sliding Albion still live. Lorenzo explains that after Jenny castrated Regis, he didn't die. Doctors saved him and he went on to conquer the parallel Earth he occupied. He even went as far as turning China into a giant rape camp in order to ensure the survival of the blue skin species. Suddenly, Lorenzo tries to assault Jenny but she easily puts him down with her electric powers. The three woman then leave Rendelsham.

On The Carrier, Apollo and Jack Hawksmoor detect a second wave of Sliding Albion ships over Northern Europe. But before they can react, Doors suddenly appear inside The Carrier and Albion troops invade the ship. Midnighter and The Doctor join the fight and fend off wave after wave of Albion troops. Apollo finally uses his power to emit an energy blast that clears the room of the Albion. But he collapses after expending too much energy.

Jenny, Angie, and Swift return to the aftermath of the battle on The Carrier. Jenny gets updated on the situation and in turn updates the others about what they learned from Lorenzo. She decides to send Apollo over Europe, claiming a short time in sunlight will recharge him. Then she orders the others to prepare to move The Carrier.

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