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In Sliding Albion, and alternate Earth where aliens and humans live together and London is the runs the rest of the world, Yngvi, a "blue blood" tells his king (a human of the Windsor family) that they need a war. The king insults Yngvi for being part alien and tells Yngvi that he's in his kingdom now, as the two of them walk into the throne room where a drunken party is taking place. All of a sudden, the king starts hearing voices. Someone, a blue blood, is taunting him, saying that he gave the Windsor the kingdom and that he's isn't respecting the gift he received. The king gets scared, pulls out his gun and starts firing wildly, killing all his guests. As he's shooting, a hand grips his head and crushes it. Regis, the owner of the hand, appears out of thin air and tells Yngvi that he can rule now before saying that they're going to war. He goes to eat the former king's children.

Onboard The Carrier as it cruises over the mind barrier reef, Angie reminisces with The Doctor and Jack Hawsmoor about life before she became The Engineer.

In the air above the-still-being-rebuilt-L.A. several hundred ships come from Sliding Albion and start destroying everything in sight. Christine Trelane phones Jenny Sparks and informs her of the situation and The Authority quickly leaves for L.A. As they appear through a Door, Jenny recognizes the ships as coming from Sliding Albion. The team starts to fight the ships and Jenny tells that them that the world is being invaded by a parallel Earth.



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The second arc story of this amazing volume (issues # 5 to 8) begins to show that Authority, without a doubt, is all about Jenny Sparks: she's the leader, she's the toughest cookie, she's almost a 100 years old and she can fry anyone, but most important at all, she has a bad temper, so don't mess with her. Being the most important character in this group doesn't mean that Ellis haven't paid enough atention to develop the group's characterists, quite the contrary, there's a great balance ruling t...

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