The Authority #16

    The Authority » The Authority #16 - The Nativity, Part 4 released by DC Comics on August 1, 2000.

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    The Authority must defend every nation in the world simultaneously as the 4-part "The Nativity" concludes! A superhuman arms race between the Americans and the Soviets raged in secret for almost forty years, with vast hangars filled with deranged, obedient overmen protecting every major city in the world. The threat only ended when the Berlin Wall was torn down, but has the past come back to haunt us? The carnage is unparalleled as the world's capitals are attacked by legions of super-soldiers.

    S.P.B. teams are simultaneously attacking major cities around the world. The Authority splits up and they each head to one of the cities. Midnighter takes on the team in Manhattan, Hawksmoor takes on the team on in Paris, The Doctor takes Moscow, The Engineer takes Beijing, and Apollo takes Washtington D.C. where he confronts the remnants of The Americans .

    Meanwhile, Swift arrives at an entrance to The Hangar. Krigstein is convinced she can't get in but she does with a little help from baby Jenny .

    Midnighter finishes off his group with a little help from The Carrier's weapons. Apollo finishes off his group but leaves the Commander alive. He soon reveals why as Midnighter arrives to deal with the Commander himself.

    As Wildcore deals with S.P.B.'s in London, Swift confronts Krigstein and instead of asking him to surrender, she asks him to join The Authority. He agrees.

    Later on The Carrier, The Authority celebrate their victory and muse about how things will be different now that they have the Spirit of the 21st century.


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