The Authority #1

    The Authority » The Authority #1 - Chapter 1 released by DC Comics on October 1, 2008.

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    The issue starts as Swift is standing on top of a building in the ruins of London now called Unlondon. She explains how she now acts as a transmitter as all machines no longer work and birds flock to her due to destroyed or rearranged magnetic fields. As she flies over the ruined city she sees a lone balloon floating up in the air. She heads toward it finding Midnighter guiding a group of refugees. The group stops as both Midnighter and Swift talk. Soon Midnighter becomes panicked and tells everyone to go. Swift tries to get everyone to move the two disabled trains behind them are destroyed and Midnighter grabs a sharp piece of metal prepared to fight telling them not to look back. Soon to hulkish creatures charge at the group. Swift calls them Incubites. She says they are a result of a mutating disease called Warhol Fever. It gives the infected large muscular bodies and fills them with rage and anger, but it is only short lived as the disease soon kills the infected and that even Midnighter cannot survive contact with the virus. He throws the piece of metal through one of their mouths as the group runs and Swift soon takes for the sky trying to get specialist help. Midnighter then grabs a chunk of the railroad and stabs another through the chest as Swift struggles to fly through the poisonous cloud covering the planet. Soon as Midnighter prepares to fight a large group of Incubites a bright blast of light shines killing the Incubites. Soon a shining Apollo appears. He explains that Swift came to get him for help and soon his face is revealed to now look sickly and withered. Midnighter mentions he has been living in the photosphere. Swift explains it is the only place where he can absorb needed sunlight that can't get through the smog cloud. He soon has to leave as he can't even survive a few seconds under the cloud, but says he will be watching. Soon he tells Swift to go on ahead and inform the group that he is bringing the group. Soon she flies over more ruin till she reaches the dead body of the Carrier as it's baby universe was removed and it crashed into London. She flies through pacing groups of homeless now using the Carrier as a home as it is the only place relatively safe. She soon meets the Engineer however the EM pulses that shut down all machines have made her nanobots in active and in her human form. She seems to be using her intellect to manage and care for the people their telling Midnighter and Swift when they need to go for supplies seemingly acting as leader. As they talk a voice tell them that a soul storm is coming and Angie goes to get everyone ready. Soon Swift calls the voice Jack and it is revealed to be a deformed handicapped Jack Hawksmoor.


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    It´s the end of the world as we knew it... 0

    w - Dan Abnnet & Andy Lanning, P - Simon Coleby After the dramatic conclusion of Number of The Beast enters the new chapter of Wildstorm's heroes: World's end. The cities has crashed and now The Authority tries to mantain some order in the chaotic Unlondon: a virus is assolating the remains of civilization and groups of armed men try to take control of the city. It´s a very sad scene watching the mighty and powerful Authority reduced to scramble, shadows of the past: Jack Hawksmoor is in a w...

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