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    Atomic County is a superhero team based on the characters from the TV series The O.C. The team members are the Ironist, Little Miss Vixen, Kid Chino and Cosmo Girl.

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    Atomic County is a spin-off, animated television series and a graphic novel based on Seth Cohen's drawings created by Eric Wight and John Stephens (based on the characters created by Josh Schwartz).The theme Song of the animated series iseries isInvincible by OK Go. The Ironist, Little Miss Vixen, Kid Chino and Cosmo Girl (in the animated series the name was changed to Cosmolass) are based on The O.C. characters Seth Cohen, Summer Roberts, Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper

    The characters featured in the animated series and in the graphic novel also appeared as drawings in the 10th episode of the second season. 

    Members and villains


    Atomic County Founding Members:

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    The Ironist (Seth Cohen): Seth disarms his adversaries with his quick wit and his terrible jokes.

    Lil' Miss Vixen (Summer Roberts): She rides an invisible scooter and transports several razor-sharp credit cards to defeat her enemies. 

    Kid Chino (Ryan Atwood): Ryan can transform his fists into an indestructible metal alloy. 

    Cosmolass/Cosmo girl (Marissa Cooper): She possesses a magic bottle (that gives her superpowers) and she has a car named Cosmobile. 

    Atomic County Allies:

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    Punky Spit Fire (Anna Stern): Anna is the punk queen and she has the ability to control the firework. 

    All American Boy (Luke Ward): Luke has super strength and the ability to fly.  

    The Litigator (Standford “Sandy” Cohen): Sandy is super skilled master of surf.

    The Ice Queen (Kirsten Cohen): Kirsten isn’t seen on the television series. She has the capacity to control the ice


    The Coalition of Doom (Villains team):

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    Demonic Water Polo Player (Zachary “Zach” Stevens): Zach gained his powers when he was saving baby seals in the ocean, but the water was infected with chemicals and radiation. He can transform himself into a giant demon.  

    Mistress Widow (Julie Cooper): Julie is Marissa’s mother and she can seduce all the men with her physical appearance and her charm.

    Evil Kid Chino (Trey Atwood): Kid chino’s older brother and they both have the same powers.

    Battle Axe (Alex Kelly): Alex was sent to kill The Ironist and then she fell in love with Marissa when she looked in her eyes.

    The Pirate (Unknown): It is unknown in which character he is based. The Pirate is a bank burglar.

    Blinding Abs (Kevin Volchok) : He can distract all the women when they look at his abs.

    The Mentalist (Oliver Trask): Oliver possesses telekinesis powers and he is obsessed with Marissa.  

    Type A (Taylor Townsend): Taylor is totally obsessed with the team, she is impatient and irritable.

    Johnny Tears (Johnny Harper): Another love of Marissa, his tears are acid.

    The Industrialist (Caleb Nichol): Seth’s grandpa and Julie’s dead husband. He is the team leader of the Coalition of doom and enemy of The Litigator. He was resurrected by Julie with Marissa’s drink. Caleb has no powers like Seth.

    In The O.C. series

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    Atomic County was the comic book developed and created by Zach Stevens and Seth Cohen. They had a meeting with some comic book executives but Seth had a mental breakdown and they lose their chance to create a real comic book. When Carter Buckley sees Seth’s drawings he sets up another meeting with Reed Carlson, and they sign a contract to create a graphic novel.


    Atomic County animated series episodes

    Episode 1: The Sympathetic Monster (First appearance: Atomic County, The Ironist, Lil’ Miss Vixen, Kid Chino, Cosmolass and Demoniac Water Polo player).

    Episode 2: The Crime of Fashion (No first appearances)

    Episode 3: The One Too Many (First appearance: Mistress Widow, Evil Kid Chino and The Pirate).

    Episode 4: The Chick Fight (First appearance: Punky Spit Fire)

    Episode 5: The Pestering (No first appearances)

    Episode 6: The Sibling Rivalry (First appearance: Evil Kid Chino’s official introduction)

    Episode 7: The Web of Seduction (First appearance: All American Boy and The Industrialist)

    Episode 8: The Axe to Grind (First appearance: Battle Axe)

    Episode 9: The Mentalist (First appearance: The Mentalist)

    Episode 10: The Abs of Desire (First appearance: Blinding Abs)

    Episode 11: The Ringmaster (First appearance: Type A)

    Episode 12: The Kosher Kahuna (First appearance: The Litigator)

    Episode 13: The Anguish (First appearance: Johnny Tears)

    Episode 14: The Coalition of Doom (First appearance: Coalition of Doom)

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