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Kirkman does it again!

I can't praise this book enough. Two issues in and I feel like I've read more then all six of the issues of Batman Confidential. The Wolf-Man character is definatally an old school hero much like Kirkman's other book, Invincible. In this book we find Gary three weeks into his training, he has learned to control his new form and he makes a debut as a hero and gets a new costume.

The book sets up a lot here, including hints to a base and some kind of vehicle. It was a great idea to put the first issue out as a giveaway or else a lot of people might not have bought it, if you haven't tried it yet the first issue Director's Cut is out and you should consider picking it up, hope the books hangs in there.

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    Ever since I got the first issue on Free Comic-Book Day, I knew it would be an awesome series. Kirkman is a genius! I mean, taking a creature that is normally feared and thought of as evil, and then making it a hero that the public loves is awesome! I couldn't have thought up a cooler idea for the costume, or the insignia on his chest. The base, as well as the vehicle has never been heard of before with a werewolf, anot to mention ground breaking.It's well written, writing Gary as controlling hi...

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