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With the Kingpin gone and his Shadowland fortress destroyed, can the Hobgoblin survive in town protected by the Superior Spider-Man?

By Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos.

Plus, Carnage returns! The Wizard and Klaw are recruiting for a new, more powerful Frightful Four and they have plans for Carnage! Plans that involve a ‘Superior’ Carnage!

By Kevin Shinick, Jay David Ramos and Stephen Segova.

Also, the Scarlet Spider embraces his destiny and is reborn… but what will he become? The ‘Man’ or the ‘Spider’?!!

By Christopher Yost, Neil Edwards, Khoi Pham and Paulo Siqueria.

Lastly, Classic Action! We proudly present the original Spider-Man’s very first battle with the rampaging Rhino!

By Stan Lee and John Romita.


  • Superior Spider-Man #15.
  • Superior Carnage #1.
  • Scarlet Spider #15.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #41

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