The Archer

    Character » The Archer appears in 18 issues.

    A villainous thief, assassin, and bowman that tries to blackmail several Metropolis millionaires before being foiled by Superman. His real name is Fenton Quigley.

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    Fenton Quigley was a wealthy hunter of some renown until he was cut off from his family fortune by his father after a tiff. Unable to cope with being forced to live a less than pampered life, Quigley put his hunting skills to the test and started after human prey. Targeting millionaires in and around Metropolis, Quigley donned a costumed inspired by Robin Hood, where he would steal from the rich and give simply to himself, and threatened the lives of the wealthy if he was not paid handsomely to leave them alone.

    Quigley was given a stiff jail sentence after being easily captured by Superman and charged for several murders and armed robberies. Quigley would attempt one escape years later, but again Superman put an end to his thieving ways.

    Current Events

    The Archer has only been shown once since his 1941 debut and that was in the story "Arrows of Vengeance!" in The Superman Family #221.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Archer is in peak human shape, and is an excellent marksman. He usually carries around bows & arrows as his arsenal.

    Other Media


    The Archer would be portrayed by Art Carney in the first two episodes of the second season of the 1960s Batman TV series, although series writers went on record several times to say their Archer was created specifically for the series and had nothing to do with the one that appeared in Superman, despite their similarities like the adapted Robin Hood theme.


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