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Kurt Kilgore's exploits as a ghost and as Haunt have not gone unnoticed but why has The Apparition taken such an interest in Kurt and begun stalking him. The Apparition first appears only as disembodied eyes that only Kurt notices while on assignment in South America. While in a team meeting The Apparition begins to emerge from the projection screen, Kurt is both baffled and terrified by the sight, especially when he realizes no one can see it not even his brother Daniel. After leaving the meeting The Apparition begins to spread through the hall they are all in and surround Kurt. As Daniel and the other agents converse Kurt becomes more fearful and as it starts to wrap up Kurt he asks "You really can't see this?" The Apparition engulfs Kurt and the two quickly vanish leaving Daniel alone and confused. The Apparition leaves Daniel without his brother, partner, link to the spirit world and his only way of becoming Haunt.

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