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Shocks Marley was a former stunt driver that had feelings for one woman named Nora. However she was involved with another driver named Ned Pearson. Shocks got jealous and tampered with Ned's car. Two other drivers named Pete and Sonny saw Shocks working on Ned's car but didn't think anything of it. The following day, Ned was killed in a big pylon stunt. The two men testified against Shocks Marley and he was sentence to death by electrocution. Shocks said he would come back from the grave to get them.

Shocks Marley's final request was to wear a particular suit made for him from a Haiti witch-woman during his execution. He was strapped to the chair and the executioner flipped the switch. The electric current went haywire and Shock's body began to dissolve. Shocks stood up with a ghostly appearance and levitated through the roof. He became the Apparition and was looking for Pete and Sonny so he can exact revenge. Johnny Blaze was a friend of Pete and Sonny and was visiting his old friends. He borrowed Pete's car so he can run an errand. The Apparition saw the car on the road and destroyed it with an eldritch blast from his hands. The Apparition thought he killed Pete and left for the others. 

Johnny Blaze warned Nora, Pete and Sonny about the Apparition. Pete fled out of fear and suddenly the Apparition appears and tries to kill Sonny and Nora with another demonic blast. Johnny Blaze transforms into Ghost Rider and takes the blunt force of the blast. He then creates a wall of hellfire for protection and the Apparition escapes. Johnny reveals to his friends that he is the Ghost Rider. Nora wanted to stay by Johnny's side no matter what he was and the both of them revealed their feeling for one another. The following day, Sonny and Johnny were performing a dangerous stunt involving a giant ramp. The Apparition appeared when Sonny was on the ramp and killed him when he destroyed his car. The Apparition then turned his attention to Johnny but he managed to survive. 

Johnny realized later that evening that Nora was also a targeted by the Apparition. He ran towards her trailer when he suddenly heard Nora scream. He entered the trailer and saw Nora lying on the floor with the Apparition standing above her. Johnny transformed into the Ghost Rider and a fight ensued. The fight led outside near the damaged ramp. Ghost Rider got on his bike and jumped the ramp towards the Apparition. He struck the Apparition with his bike and the hellfire started to dissolve his body and rip the Apparition apart.  


The Apparition was created by Michael Fleisher and Don Perlin in 1981 and first appeared in Ghost Rider # 57.

Powers & Abilities

The Apparition has a ghostly form and has the ability to phase through solid objects. He also can fire deadly eldritch blasts from his hands and is capable of flight.        

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